We offer manhole covers and gully gratings made of ductile iron for installation on pavements, parking, car traffic and airports.


EUROSTARS manhole cover and NIAGARA gully gratings with full and ¾ frame are our flagship products dedicated to European markets all made in EN124 D-400 class.


We can design and produce manhole covers, gully gratings, channel drainage and kerb units in different classes, construction, shape and size meeting individual customer's requirements.



The highest quality ductile iron


EUROSTARS D-400 is made of high quality cast iron, which has very good mechanical properties. To achieve the same strength class of the product made from gray cast iron we need to use lot more of the material, which increases the weight of the product and makes it difficult to transport and installation.


Easy maintenance


Manhole covers have a special hinge that allows easy opening and secure the entrance to the well. The maximum opening angle of the cover is 130 degrees.



We offer two models of NIAGARA D-400 with a full frame and 3/4. Whole construction is made of high quality ductile iron.


High quality and safety


NIAGARA meets the requirements of European standard EN 124 in D400 class.


Moreover, thanks to anti-slip grip and secure closure obtained by locking system, our products meet all safety requirements. Locking is performed using a standard key.


Gully gratings have a hinge for easy opening of the grating at an angle of 130 degrees and allows safe and easy maintenance.