PartnerPlast - Sfero

Supplier of road and sewage cast iron


PARTNERPLAST is the most dynamically developing Polish supplier of road and sewage cast iron. The company is made up of people who have been passionately working in the foundry and construction industry for years. PARTNERPLAST products are the result of combining the best practices and experience of our engineers with the most demanding expectations of our customers.

Official distribiutor



We distribute all our castings under the SFERO brand. This brand has been recognized by Polish companies from the WOD-KAN industry for many years. SFERO products meet all the requirements of Polish construction standards, solidly and aesthetically made.

European standards


Our products are designed by experienced engineers in accordance with the requirements of the European standard PE-EN 124-2. Production takes place in highly efficient specialized foundries that supply road cast iron not only to the Polish market but also to Western European countries.

Highest quality


Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we put great emphasis on the highest quality of castings and professional service to meet your expectations.